F ondudes is a premier entertainment company featuring a unique brand of immersive theater. The site-specific performances are conducted by professional actors and models, and include a fondue meal for each guest. The Fondudes experience is customized per audience and tailored according to guest request. 

Fondudes formed in the Summer of 2013 at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Inspired by colleagues Punchdrunk, creators of “Sleep No More,” Fondudes’ mission was to create a fun, immersive theatrical experience that features melted chocolate. The performance rose to prominence in London’s underground masquerade scene when the troupe developed a cocreative production format and became the world’s first bespoke theater. In effort to recruit talent from among the best Broadway shows and to join the Broadway theater community, Fondudes relocated to New York in 2016. Interactive, untamed, and steamingly sexy, Fondudes has become popular in New York City as a classy alternative to the traditional bachelorette party as well as a top choice for birthday parties, special occasions, and for all women who want to

"Just Have Fon."