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10 Bachelorette Gifts She’ll Never Forget

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Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Use this list of the perfect bachelorette gifts to ensure the bride in your life receives the best of the best. This is her big day, after all!

Bachelorette gifts range from the nice, to the naughty, to the fondue party. How does one convey cute sans mundane with just a dash of bacchanalian bad girl? And what serves the sexual spirit without losing the conjugal context?

It could be cute that you crocheted her a cardigan but lame if everyone else arrived with penis fudge brownies or glow in the dark penis candies. Alternatively, how discomfiting if you’re fitting her into edible undies while everyone else brought Edible Arrangements.

Know your group and know your options. Let’s dissect this mixed bag.

1. Clothing

Lingerie parties don’t necessarily have to mean a lingerie storm. Depending on your relationship with the bachelorette, you might want to consider more versatile apparel with more practical applications. Obviously, she’ll be inundated with underwear to use with her beau so she might appreciate something she can actually show.

Gowns, slippers, eye masks and pajama sets are all available in silk finishes and fur trims that will flatter her body without being bawdy.

2. Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories

In this realm the possibilities are endless. The bachelorette gift industry is brimming with favors and replete with flavors for every fashion palette, and a great opportunity to cater to her tastes.

Anything from modal bed sheets to custom veils are great ideas, but you could also go with custom toe bags and ornamental luggage tags for the globetrotting bride.

3. Food

When it comes to special occasions, the gift of good grub is always appropriate. Brownie points if the gift is demonstrative of your culinary competence.

For a bride-to-be of the more reserved order a slice of Sachertorte, a wedge of wine cake, or a simple piece of pain d’epices will leave her reeling with a sugar high.

For the wild bride, something similar would suffice but pack it with a party punch. Booze-soaked rum cakes, champagne candies, and penis shaped shortbread cookies with frosted tips are a great way to say bon appetite and bon voyage as she embarks on her marital odyssey.

4. Naughty

On the note of phallic food, this list wouldn’t be complete without a smidgen of the naughty.

Following tradition, there’s a lot to choose from within the presorted ilk so don’t worry so much about the best gift, just get the worst gift and know it was the best thing to do. A convoy of inflatable penis rafts for Summertime bachelorette pool festivities, tailor made bridal party schoolgirl uniforms with non prescription Wayfarer glasses… the possibilities are truly endless.

5. Nice

For every debaucherous bride there’s another who’d probably prefer never to suck piña colada from a penis straw or dine on penis shaped pasta penne. Not to worry, there’s plenty for ladies of the more reserved order.

Bath bombs, loofahs, and candle arrangements are the perfect bath addenda. A gift certificate for a massage is a failsafe choice, and matching lip and mustache mugs make a cute his and her gift.

6. Party Provisions

A bachelorette party is a complex affair with a distinct class of logistical demands. There are pre-parties, dinner, post-parties, stop-offs, all with their own accessories and accouterments to tote along. Where practicality is of the essence a prepared party pack will become your brides best friend by the wee hours of the eve.

Fill a duffle bag with extra outfits, foldable flats, a box of tissues, snacks, ibuprofen, chargers and a couple of Red Bulls. Be the one to carry the bridal survival kit and you’ll be a hero by the end of the night.

7. Funny

Bachelorette parties are many things, but above all, they’re meant to be fun. Funny gifts don’t need to be racy either.

Custom t-shirts, gag jewelry, scavenger hunts, and games like Peck the Pecker will promptly propel the whole group into the proper mindset.

8. Money

Now, hear us out. While it’s true nobody wants to be the one at the party handing out cash in lieu of a "more thoughtful" gift, the very thought of getting married sends most brides into a financial panic attack. Moments following the aimless beach stroll which unpredictably culminated in a gem and a genuflect, your lovely bride has been in a fiscal frenzy.

Getting married costs a lot of money and more with each passing year. If you’re at a loss for something to buy and too trepid to test your skills at making a gift, making it rain will be welcome.

9. Themed Gifts

Groups that stand out are groups that stand together in uniform. You don’t need to be a mariner during fleet week to bask in the attention.

If your bride tribe has a theme sticking to it is imperative, and when your present is a pillar propping up the party you’re automatically head hen.

10. An Experience

Cute, creative, and carefully planned, the right experience will indelibly etch an epic memory into the historical record of your friendship. Bonus points if you can catch her completely off guard. Let her wake up to breakfast in bed or leave a note on her door to drive to a special location where the bride tribe will be waiting. Our premier dining and entertainment experience is what we’ve seen work best.

Whatever you choose, an experience will always make the most thoughtful gift.

Choosing a bachelorette gift is a daunting task, but the good news is she’ll only need one of these parties in a lifetime. Get it right the first and only time.

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