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5 Ways to Bring Together a Bridal Party

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How to Bring Your Bridesmaids Together

They all know you but among themselves your bridesmaids are strangers. Your wedding is at stake!

Recipe for social disaster


  • One cup of colleagues from work
  • Two cups of college besties
  • Three cups of cousins
  • A dash of childhood friends
  • A splash of sorority sisters
  • One half sister
  • One full future sister-in-law (unpeeled)

* Throw into your maid of honor’s mixing bowl and stir until your arms feel like languid lokshen noodles.

In the majority of conjugal cases your course of pre-wedding events is the only moment the very building blocks of your bridal party will ever interact. You have a motley throng of special ladies who have a deluge of duties to coordinate. This will only be grueling, confusing and even uncomfortable the more unfamiliar they are with each other. If this were a drunk Sunday afternoon speed dating debacle the consequences would be entirely null, but your entire nuptials are what’s at stake here. Sound like a recipe for wedding disaster? Read on and we’ll explain how to break the ice before they throw the rice.

Add to the Ingredients: Tequila

No profound insight here, we simply mean this as a general rule. Tequila has been around for centuries. Considered “spirit of the spirit” by the Aztecs, tequila has been known to cure all types of diseases from social anxiety to the common cold. First distilled in the 16th century in what is now the Mexican state of Jalisco, Tequila is a derivative of Pulque, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented agave sap. In present day Mexico, more than 100 distilleries manufacture over 900 brands of tequila, each of which can be consumed over 9 million ways.

At any moment you have all the troops rallied, hurdle introductions and formalities with your favorite brand and some fresh lime. As you imbibe with your bride tribe, reflect on this wee tad of trivia to compensate for the compromising of any brain cells.

Wine Tour

Wine touring is the customary classy alibi to otherwise frenzied festivity. Set aside a day and a designated driver to carry your coterie of lovelies around the countryside for an afternoon of intemperance. Nothing breaks the ice like a chilled glass of rosé, except for a dozen such glasses each raised in honor of your bridal constituents.

Savvy brides are often able to negotiate premium limo services at a discount, defending the case that a daytime jaunt is an off-peak request. Would any limo driver scoff at the opportunity to make a few easy bucks on the side before the night shift?

Drunk Brunch

Nothing quickly raises the subject of weenies like unlimited Bellinis, and with drunk brunch options abounding in most major cities you can rapidly glue your bridal group together in an afternoon.

In case you’ve been on a remote paleontological dig in the arctic, studying simian sociology and baby baboon behavior in Borneo, or have simply been in a Kinbaku coital conundrum for most of your adult life, a Bellini is a popular combination of Prosecco and peach purée invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice, Italy in the mid-20th century.

So wake up late, stay stubbly, and raise bubbly with your lovelies for a spate of copious cocktails and revelry. Who says bachelorette party places can’t open their doors in the AM?

Escape Room

In the vein of unique bachelorette party ideas, and if the aforementioned activities are too pampering for your entertainment palette, one of the most widely recognized methods of bringing people together is fear. That’s right, psychologists have shown that if all else fails, instilling fear will manufacture camaraderie quicker than new bachelorette gifts can hit the shelves of The House of Bachelorette.

Add escape rooms to your growing list of creative daytime bachelorette party places. In NYC there are over a dozen to choose from.

Fondue Party

Fondue originated in Switzerland in the 17th century. Though at its inception it was strictly limited to cheese and wine combinations, a surge in popularity in the 1960’s brought fondue into the limelight with a full five course structure to include the now unanimous fan favorite, chocolate fondue.

In the present day Fondudes has taken fondue yet another step further incorporating unique infusions ranging from marshmallow into chocolate, to ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and clove into caramel fondues. The common complacency associated with the consumption of such warm delectables was finally shattered in an explosion of creative irony when Fondudes began chocolate themed theatrical performances gluing bridal parties together with sticky sweetness. For a messy, raging, fork flinging festivity, Fondudes will tear down your bridal party’s inhibitions all with a healthy blast of antioxidants.

Looking for some fun creative bachelorette options? Take a look at our menu and choose your destiny.

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