Wild NYC bachelorette party of three bridesmaids and one bride to be

How to Plan the Wildest Bachelorette Party

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Plan a Wild Bachelorette Party No One Will Forget

Looking to throw the wildest bachelorette party of the bride’s dreams? Here’s how to plan for the craziest night while staying safe and having fun.

What kind of bride dreams of a demure dinner and drinks for her bachelorette party? What kind of bride wants her bachelorette party getting traumatically out of control?

The answer to both rhetorical questions is the same. None. Moreover, most brides are so submerged in the myriad components of their weddings that they hardly have the luxury of allocating even an iota of time or resources toward the proverbial last fling before the ring. It’s up to you to plan a night that hits the sweet spot between a blasé quotidian catch-up and a hussy Hangover 3

If you’re wondering where to begin, you’re in the right place. We’ve got tons of tips and ideas on how to plan the most unforgettable bachelorette party ever. What’s the endgame when coordinating such an event? Make it wild, but keep it cute. Keep reading to learn all about how to plan the wildest bachelorette party no one will ever forget!

Take the Reins

In the midnight madness of any bachelorette party numerous ladies will be in attendance. In the planning phase this grants you, the executive mastermind, as many opportunities to enlist help. Lucky for you woman are naturally excellent multi-taskers, so you already have quite a well suited team to whom responsibilities can be assigned.

Delegate tasks with a heavy hand to alleviate stress from yourself. Once you have a creative planning flowing, it will be easy to parse the work out among the other ladies in the group. Be sure to remain in control during this phase. If you commence planning with an overly agreeable attitude your efforts will be moot. Grab the wheel and make it clear that you’re the driver.

Budget Carefully

A perfect lady deserves a perfect day, so it’s all too easy to lose sight of the premeditated budget. The last thing you want after a wild bachelorette party is a residue of regret, and that can be financial as well as experiential.

Make sure you plan out a thoughtful budget with locations, food, and drinks considered. And it’s a good idea to add a little buffer for unexpected treats and adventures.

Once you have an idea of where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing, it would help to message the group with a breakdown of the expected costs. Check in with everyone to make sure it’s a comfortable amount.

Thankfully, sending money via phone is super easy these days. In the event that some expenses need to go on a single card, these money transfer options guarantee that sorting out funds will never be a problem.

Think Outside the Box

Be creative! Once you have the location locked down and the hotel booked, you can begin filling in the details. Here are some tips and ideas for things to do at your wild bachelorette party.

Look Local

So you and the girls have decided to jet off to Las Vegas or New York City for your special bride’s big night? Check out what shows and events are happening on those dates.

Whether you want sexy chefs feeding you fondue or some tickets to a Broadway show there are sure to be lots of options.

Spas Never Fail

Nothing compares to a tranquil day at the spa before things get wild at night. This activity is sure to be a unanimous crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re going for champagne and massages or mud masks and waxings, you simply can’t go wrong. And if you feel like lounging around the home or the hotel try a service that brings the spa to you. Get massages in your hotel room or hire someone to swing by the house to do everyone’s hair and makeup for the night out.

Games Aren’t Lame

To keep things spicy all night toss in a fun game here and there. What Are the Odds is a great one that you can play practically anywhere. It’s super involved and creative but easy to keep going throughout the evening.

Cater your game selection to your group and don’t be shy!

Don’t Fail on Photos

When you’re in the moment, documenting it should be the last thing on your mind. But the next morning, and with every subsequent hour, you’ll be haunted with the all-pervasive question: Did that really happen?

To prevent against regret, nominate one person to be the official event photographer. After all is said and done create a cute photo album to surprise the bride. This also makes for a fun add-on wedding gift that’s easy yet thoughtful and meaningful.

Make Sure the Bride is the Focal Point

This may seem like an obvious one, but with so many ladies involved it can be easy to forget the focus of the occasion. Make sure that when planning the epic you’re focusing on the bride and on her whims and interests.

Thankfully, you’ll have the assistance of all of her closest friends and family along the way. Pick their brains about what she loves the most and incorporate these things into the trip accordingly.

Little Details Will Make Your Wild Bachelorette Party Special

Are you rolling with a sashes and tiaras kind of crew? Or perhaps a customized bathing suits and towels sort of group?

Whatever all the ladies enjoy, including a little extra decoration and gifting is the perfect finishing touch to your wild bachelorette party. Make personalized gift bags in cute totes or grab some monogrammed robes and slippers.

Not only will these little extras make the party more fun, everyone will have something to take away that they can cherish forever.

Have Fun and Be Safe!

Now that you know how to plan the most epic, wild bachelorette party ever, all that’s left to do is to have fun! Just remember to take the reins on planning, stay tight on your budget, and make sure everything is all about the bride-to-be.

This is your time to shine with creativity and to show the special lady in your life how much you all love and care about her! And let’s be real, what better excuse is there to let loose and get a little crazy?

Do you have any questions or need any help planning? We’re here to help. Contact us anytime — let’s chat!

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