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The 10 Essential Facts about Pole Dancing

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Everything You Need to Know About Pole Dancing

Thinking about trying pole dancing for fun or in search of a new hobby? Here’s everything you need to know consolidated into 10 essential facts.

Recently entering the sphere of bachelorette party ideas, pole dancing is a risky endeavor which can still be fun when executed properly and when everyone in your bridal group demonstrates top mental and physical agility. Read on to learn the 10 basic facts about pole dancing everyone should know.

Fact 1: It’s Difficult

The word difficult may at first strike you as subjective but know that in order to perform this art one must be capable of performing at least one pull-up, and that’s no small feat. Only 10-15% of the male population and 1-3% of the female population in the US can complete a proper pull-up.

It’s important to note here that while male pole dancers do exist, 99% of the pole dancing population is female. Moreover, the ability to do a single pull-up will merely get you through the simplest pole dancing routine. More advanced dancers are able to do at least 8 consecutive pull-ups.


Fact 2: It’s Dangerous and Acrobatic

When executed properly pole dancing appears graceful and fun. But don’t let the talent, technique and years of practice of performing veterans fool you. Pole dancing is a serious athletic pursuit rife with danger and risk taking acrobatics.

Bruises, muscle strain, sprains, tendon wear, and the high risk of spinal cord injury, head trauma and physical disfigurement are constant daily threats. You should only embark on your journey as a pole dancer under the careful watch of a certified instructor, and don’t expect to spin and whirl until you’ve passed a series of rather serious physical exams.

Again, respect!

Fact 3: Sexy Comes with a Price

Pole dancing is inextricably linked to sexiness, but it’s not as sexy as it outwardly appears. Palm burns, thigh bruises, and scrapes all over are the norm. Even the most trained veterans are constantly doctoring injuries of some sort.

Much like American football and rugby, physical injury is inherent in the sport.

Fact 4: There are Three Different Styles

For the vast majority of the population, the thought of pole dancing conjures the image of someone performing the kind most often associated with certain clubs and nightlife environments. Take note, there are actually three distinct styles: artistic, athletic, and erotic.

Fact 5: Being Scantily Clad is a Matter of Function, not Fashion

This is an undying point of contention that must be settled. Nothing grips a pole like skin itself. No gloves, no leggings, no latex body suits can hold a candle to human flesh insofar as how well it clings to steel.

Moreover, compromising the nuances in sensory perception imperative to proper technique would be a disastrous mistake that would invariably lead to injury. Arms, legs, and abdomen must be fully exposed as a matter of safety.

Fact 6: You Can Pole Dance Regardless of Your Age

World champion pole dancer Greta Pontarell is 67 years old, and she began pole dancing at age 59!

Fact 7: Pole Dancing could become an Official Olympic Sport

Of the three aforementioned styles, the athletic pole proponents are pushing hard to have the sport included in the world Olympic repertoire. These dancers are high performance athletes who perform daredevil stunts and demonstrate unparalleled physical strength.

In those respects is the sport any different than Olympic diving?

Fact 8: As Mentioned, Men Do it Too!

In our recent history men have begun to show an interest in pole. There now exist a number of competitive men’s divisions. Men’s natural upper body strength make them perfect pole candidates.

This has been demonstrated throughout history across a range of ancient pole forms including Chinese pole and Mallakhamb.

Fact 9: The Mainstream Still Judges but Hopefully not Forever

Champion pole dancer Marina Heck was fired from her job as a kindergarten teacher amid controversy over her athletic endeavors.

Though her style of dance is purely athletic, the general stereotypes of pole dancers are so pervasive as to leave even those furthest removed from them shunned or persecuted.

Fact 10: Pole Dancing is a Bachelorette Party Idea

In recent years, though dangerous and occasionally death defying, taking a pole dancing class has augmented the scope of bachelorette party ideas available to ladies planning pre-wedding festivities.

If everyone in your bridal party demonstrates remarkable upper body strength, appreciates pole either artistically or athletically, and is willing to take the risk, pole dancing can be a good daytime bachelorette festivity.

With not many choices for bachelorettes, pole dancing, going to a spa, and hiring fondue chefs are three of the top choices. Should you decide to do pole we suggest doing it earlier in the day when your physical strength isn’t compromised by fatigue, not less than an hour after a full stomach, and void of any alcohol consumption!


  1. Pole dancing keeps you fit and flexible. But It required practice. You can practice at home. Practice makes the man/women perfect.

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